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Sick On Saturday – Stary Nerd Step

The latest mix by Dj @FeinX “Sick On Saturday – Stary Nerd Step”

Sick n Nerdy Hopped up Dub with some Star Wars included…

Hosted by Dj FeinX on Soundcloud

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Your Career is Going Nowhere Without a Website

Ever wanted your own website to promote your musical talents? Now is the time. Bandmo currently has an amazing promotion. You can try the Bandmo platform and all its features (including your own .com, no more myspace/reverbnation!) for only one dollar! Available for a limited time and on a first-com[...]

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3 Photographic Examples of Why Nerds Aren’t Porn Stars

Three Photographic Examples of Why Nerds Aren’t Porn Stars. We have all seen one, or at least caught a piece of porn flick someplace. The same lame routines, the worst acting with played out parts. Frighteningly we ran into three insanely funny but to the point examples of why you never see ne[...]

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5 Scary Black and White WTF Bunny Photos

Five Twisted Black & White Easter Bunnies 100% Pure WTF PICs View Full Album Some people like Easter, some don’t. Some people like bunnies, some know the truth, bunnies are evil. Now that Easter is past, let’s show you what Easter’s past have shown us. Easter Monkey Infamous Bunny Outf[...]

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Lips 2 Da Floor: Ultimate WTF RefiX

Lips 2 Da Floor: Ultimate WTF RefiX[...]

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Amazingly Good Anime Cosplay Pics: Naruto Photography

A cosplay photoshoot for the anime/manga series Naruto Shippuden. Faturing 3 characters from the Akatsuki group: Deidara, Itachi & Kisame. The 3 characters are cosplayed by pArAdOx, Shizuka and ShiroiYuki respectively, they are all from Singapore. Shot 19 October 2008 at Chinese Garden’s in Singap[...]

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Showdown Ranmaru vs Demons Video Manga Anime

Manga Anime Video: Showdown Ranmaru vs Demons Ranmaru squares off with the leader of the old demons. Can he save the Ibuki and the rest of the team?[...]